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Corporate Health

Health Systems Group Corporate Health Services: Practical Solutions for Employee Fitness and Workplace Wellness.

Corporate Health SolutionsHSG’s Model of Corporate Health
Employee Fitness
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HSG’s Model of Corporate Health

Health Systems Group believes that Corporate Health is best achieved and maintained through an integrated strategy of Cost Containment and Prevention.

Controlling an organization’s exposure to the costs of illness and injury is addressed through a balance of Disability Management, Utilization Control procedures, Demand Management and Benefit Plan Design. Please see Figure 1.

Reducing the incidence of illness and injury in the workplace is achieved through a Prevention strategy which combines Early Detection measures and Health Promotion programs initiated within the context of an overall Workplace Wellness Strategy.

Cost Containment has to do with:

  • Restructuring benefit insurance coverage;
  • Modifying the risk management arrangements with providers and various types of organizations;
  • Dealing with disability management to reduce the duration of illness and injury; and,
  • Utilization management to reduce the demand for benefits.

This is a “downstream” strategy. That is, it represents a way of limiting an organization’s cost exposure after an employee illness or injury has already taken place.

Benefit Plan Re-Design, for example, has had some initial short-term positive cost outcomes for organizations over the last few decades. But reducing the benefits, increasing co-pay factors, increasing the deductibles, modifying who is covered and “capping” benefit limits creates cyclical, “no-win” situations. These measures have the effect of eroding the quality of employee benefits without managing the underlying causes of the benefit escalation. In effect, the costs of employee illness and injury are being shifted; but the conditions causing the level of illness and injury are still not being addressed by very many organizations.

HSG’s Model of Corporate Health

Prevention has to do with:

Reducing the incidence of illness and injury in the workplace is achieved through a Prevention strategy which establishes a plan for Workplace Wellness, including the implementation of Early Detection measures and Health Promotion programs.
Please see Figure 1.

Lowering the employee morbidity (illness and injury) experienced by an organization and improving the way that employee population uses health care services is achieved through an effective corporate wellness strategy and well designed programs and activities focused on Prevention.

As organizations continue to search for effective measures to improve productivity, reduce expenditures and control future costs, a reduction in the incidence, the duration, and therefore, the financial impact of employee illness and injury is being recognized as a real source of payback. 

There truly is a payback from
having more healthy employees;
in effect, a health payback.


Figure 1. HSG’s Corporate Health Model



Disability Management

  • Case Management
  • Claims Administration
  • Active Rehabilitation
  • Transitional Work

Utilization Management

  • Attendance Management
  • Smoke Free Workplace Policy
  • Drug & Alcohol Management

Demand Management

  • Benefit Plan Implementation
  • Medical Self-Care Education
  • Disease Management

Early Detection

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Ergonomics Assessments
  • Fit for Work
  • Health Risk Screening
  • Safety
  • Environment

Health Promotion

  • Back Health
  • Fitness
  • Motivation Programs
  • Nutrition & Weight Control
  • Stress Management
  • Smoking Management

* HSG Wellness Program Services

HSG’s Corporate Health Consulting Services offer proprietary tools and consulting expertise to help our corporate clients rationalize, plan and implement effective strategies to improve Corporate Health.

Our Corporate Health consulting services focus on very practical Prevention considerations.  These include:

HSG’s Corporate Wellness Program Services offer organizations customized wellness programs to meet their unique needs.

We work with our clients to develop a Plan based on information we gather. This involves partnering to develop, mobilize and manage their Corporate Wellness Program. We develop communication strategies and brand our client’s wellness message.  We plan, coordinate and implement  wellness programs within the context of the organization’s total corporate Prevention Strategy, and we track and evaluate program outcomes and overall strategic results.

In each case, the goals of our client's strategy determine the actual mix of Wellness Programs HSG implements, but may include:

Health Systems Group provides organizations with tangible solutions for improving Corporate Health. More than 30 years of experience in this field confirm the valuable contribution made to organizational health by HSG’s Employee Fitness and Workplace Wellness services.


Learn more about how HSG’s Corporate Health solutions can work for your organization today:

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